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Disney Once Upon A Time 
Born February 5, 2021

EV and Rex had their third litter, five female and three males.  Currently deposits have been received on three females and one male.  I will know for sure on the other two females in a couple of weeks once eyes are open and visits are made.  If you are interested in one of these pups, please feel free to reach out and get your name on the list.

Food Babies - Generation 2
Born November 9, 2019

Kona (HushPuppy)

Male, lots of white. Absolute sweetheart. Found a home bringing smiles to the faces of residents of a Long Term Care Facility.

Molly (JellyBean)

Female, no white. Sweetest little cuddler you ever did meet but full of piss and vinegar. Found a home with a sister named Lucy.

River (Kiwi)

Female, no white. Full of life and a loudmouth. Keeps us on our toes 24/7. Never a dull moment. Found a home where she can run free and love her new human sister.


Male, no white. Sweetest little boy. Loves to cuddle but has deficits. Found a home with an Iowa Wesleyan Professor who can give him the care and attention he needs and keep us updated on his progress.

Remi (Meatball)

Male, no white. Round, typically eating or sleeping. Pretty great at cuddling too. Found a home where he gets endless attention and is the apple of his owner's eye.

Loki (Nacho)

Male, small dot of white on chest and neck. Our (not so) little chunk. Sold. 

Oreo (Sold)

Male, small dot of white on chest. A brave little fighter who keeps up on our toes. Found a home where he can grow into an amazing hunter.


Female, small dot of white. Our little yard baby and the strongest little girl you'll ever meet. Can be sweet as hell but also crazy as hell when she wants to. Found a home with an amazing family and a big sister who can actually keep up with her. 

Food Babies - Generation 1
Born February 18, 2019


Penny (Avocado)

Female, small white spot on chest in shape of golf tee. Found a home in Chicago and is the legitimate Queen of that castle.

Sasha (Beans)

Female, white patch on chest. Found a home with a returning family and has one brave big brother from a previous litter.

Radar (Chex Mix)

Male, white on right side of chest. Found a home with us! 

Lucy (Dorito)

Female, white toes and small white spot on chest. Found a home with a wonderful family of young kids and a sibling just a little older than her. 

Annie (Edamame)

Female, lung shaped white patch on chest. Found a home with an amazing neighbor of ours and is her everything.

Molly (Fajita)

Female, lots of white, almost in armpit. Found a home with another returning family who had a puppy from our third litter (lost her just a few months after bringing Molly home) and a younger male (not one of ours).

Charlie (Garlic)

Male, small white dot on chest. Found a home with a younger girl in the Chicago area and is absolutely spoiled rotten.