Big Creek Farms


EV Lynn


The one fate brought us. Super clingy. Is the queen of pouting, especially while pregnant. Loves to shake and will paw at you until you cover her up. Casually steals things on a regular basis. 



Has some issues that include staring at random spots on the wall for no reason. Has a great evil eye. Literally never leaves Shelby's side except for when you ask her if she wants medicine. Never knows what is going on. 



Probably sleeping. Wiggles until she curls into a ball. Will bounce straight in the air when she gets excited. Always wants to be covered up. If you're missing a sock, she probably stole it.


Retired; Deceased

March 19, 2005 - March 8, 2018
Responds to Mama. Absolutely loves nap time. Is the reason for missing shoes. Thinks all little animals are her babies and tends to bring baby bunnies home because she wants to take care of them. Always in the middle of the laughter. 



December 9, 2008 - January 29, 2015
Tends to run laps. Always ready to play. Don't even try to get between him and his Lane. Used to love to chase cats until the cat started chasing back, now doesn't go near her. Loves kids and loves to snuggle. 


Irish Wolfhound

Basically just a rug or a small house pony. Howls when excited. Incredibly stubborn. Thinks she's a lap dog despite her extremely large size. Will prove you wrong if you tell her she can't fit on your lap. Loves the snow. 


Border Collie

Slightly brain damaged due to an accident but lovable all the same. Spends most of her time playing fetch or eating cookies with her dad. Usually responds to Junior.


Australian Shepherd

To be bred in coming years. Has been consistently referred to as "Shelby's Little Shadow." Can get every single toy we own out (and there are a lot) in less than five minutes. Also known to leave bed at 3AM just to get a toy.