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The Beginning, The End, and the New Beginning

Where It All Began

I'm going to begin this as introducing myself. I'm Shelby, the oldest daughter, the writer, and the one behind all the technology. My mom, Heather, is the original founder of Big Creek Vizslas but we expanded Big Creek Farms together. To really understand the whole story, though, I have to start at the beginning, with Abby. It started as nothing more than us wanting a Vizsla because friends had one. At the time, we had only one other dog, our terrier mix, Jesse. Getting another dog was no big decision and after taking some time to look, we found our Abigail the summer of 2005.

Our First Litter

Our first litter was born in October of 2006. I remember that night, being woken up at 1AM by my father and told to get to the basement. It was a Friday, my sister and I had school at 8AM but our parents decided that seeing puppies born was more important. There were 10 born, 7 girls and 3 boys.

Number Two and Six

We planned to keep one puppy from our first litter but never intended to keep two. Calleigh, our number six, wasn't breathing when she was born and was the smallest of them all. The biggest puppy, number two or Fat Boy as he was later named, easily doubled her in size. Calleigh was too small with too many health issues and after weeks of bottle feeding her, there was no way we could let her go. Fat Boy was too big and eventually, we just got too attached. 

The First Loss

We lost Fat Boy at just seven months old and it was an impossibly hard time. Calleigh was without her brother for the first time since she was born and we had just had a second litter of puppies so Abby wasn't as close to her as she typically was. Eventually, though, we all recovered.

The New Addition

By the time Calleigh was old enough to breed, we realized that there wasn't a male around who wasn't related to her. At that time, we had Abby, Calleigh, Jesse, and Ziva (the great dane we'd gotten a few months after losing Fat Boy). We talked it out and eventually decided to add an unrelated male to our family. And so came Max (pictured here with Jesse).

Motherhood Comes in Waves

Calleigh's first litter and Abby's last litter coincided perfectly. For four months, we had puppies. On the day Calleigh was going into labor, some of Abby's puppies were leaving. It was an insane day to say the least.

The End of An Era

All good things come to an end, I suppose. Calleigh and Abby retired and we got away from breeding for a while. Max sired several litters but outside of that, we spent most of our time just loving them unconditionally.

A Change of Pace

I was 16 when we heard about Ruby. She was six months old and her original owner was moving so they couldn't keep her. We thought that she was a way to get back into breeding, except it didn't work out that way. After two weeks, we learned that the sore on her hip was not from getting caught on a fence like we'd been told but from her chewing at her hip where the head of her femur was grinding on her crushed pelvis. And so began the adventure of a lifetime for me.

The Loss that Changed Everything

We lost Max to a freak accident the January after we got Ruby. Between recovering from that time, dealing with Ruby, and changes happening at home, we left breeding entirely. It was the best decision for us at the time.

A New Start

In the early summer of 2017, a breeder we'd kept in touch with over the years reached out about a female they still had and couldn't find a home for. We said yes, then my dad had his stroke and we didn't want to bring a puppy into the crazy life we were living. A week before he came home, they reached out again to tell us she was still available and later that night he mentioned being excited about meeting the new puppy. That was all it took. Three days later, we brought home EV Lynn. 

The Hardest Goodbye

Abby was eight when she was diagnosed with breast cancer but a simple lumpectomy took care of it. She lived a wonderfully healthy life for 5 more years but after developing bronchitis that wouldn't go away in the winter of 2018, masses were found on her heart, her lungs, and her spleen. She was ten days shy of her 13th birthday when her spleen ruptured and we were forced to say goodbye to the one who started it all. 

The Next Generation

EV got pregnant in December of 2018 with a sire from one of Max's last litters. Though EV was not one of his, her mother had several litters with him. We ended up combining two lines in the best way possible and were incredibly excited for this new chapter.

The Next Generation (Part Two)

We started out the New Year (2019) in a way that perfectly describes us. After many long talks and my impending college graduation, my mom and I decided to expand our breeding with Australian Shepherds. I plan to eventually go into rescue work with animals and for me, this is a gateway. Ruby and I were so excited to welcome Daisy into our little family.


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